Shirlington Village

Shirlington Village

“Shirlington, Virginia” does not normally bring dozens of tourist attractions or bustling urban areas to mind. In fact, if you mention Shirlington to most people, they might ask where it is. That’s why the staff at Avenue Realty is pleased to highlight the growth of this unique town that proves its massive potential every day. If you’re looking for a place to live that’s quieter than an urban area but gives you access to city activity and advantages, consider Shirlington for your new home. We’ve highlighted a few key things to watch for as Shirlington evolves.

New Communities

Rural and suburban Virginia has embraced mixed-use housing, and Shirlington is no exception. Mixed-use housing refers to communities that support residential locations as well as retail, hospitality businesses such as restaurants and B&Bs, transportation, schools, and more. If you chose, you could live in a mixed-use community and have most or all your needs met in short, walkable distances. One such community is the Village at Shirlington.

The Village boasts eateries from several cultures: Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and American. One of its biggest events is the Chocolate Crawl. Additionally, the Village contains both service and specialty shops. Its apartment complex, the Delancey, offers one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as lofts and penthouses.


If you’re moving with children or teens, schools will be a big concern. Shirlington, part of the Arlington district, has plenty of school options. Arlington County public schools encompass 38 schools serving students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Shirlington area also contains several private school options. These include:

• Oakwood School, a K-8 school for children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and occupational therapy needs
• St. Ann Catholic School
• The Science Focus School for elementary children showing advanced aptitude in science
• Several college prep boarding schools, military academies, and special programs for gifted students, including the Randolph-Macon Academy and Mary Baldwin College’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG)

New Industry

With its proximity Washington, D.C., Shirlington contains great access to technological, defense, and other industries. Northern Virginia has experienced a “data center boom” in all these fields, making greater employment possible across the region. More northern Virginia universities are hosting larger classes, especially in the science, mathematics, and health fields. This gives students more opportunity to learn and therefore access these new jobs, while living in communities with reasonable commutes and safe, green lifestyles.

Access to Culture

As noted, living in Shirlington will give you plenty of cultural exposure, whether that’s through a chocolate crawl or a performing arts event. Its location puts you close to several of our nation’s most popular historical sites and venues, including:

• Arlington National Cemetery
• Library of Congress, White House, and Washington Monument
• The Washington, D.C. Holocaust Memorial Museum
• Smithsonian museums, including Air and Space and Natural History
• The Mount Vernon Trail
• Various war memorials and grave sites
• Various African-American historical sites