Quirky and Yummy Dining

Quirky and Yummy Dining

Chuy’s is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain that began in Austin, TX, in 1982. The company slowly expanded throughout Texas until a large investor radically expanded its prospects, turning the private enterprise into what is quickly becoming a nationally beloved chain.

The stores are known for their quirky decorations, unique styles, and their signature Elvis shrines in every restaurant. Elvis is considered the patron saint of Chuy’s, and is honored with annual birthday parties and special guest performances. The Fairfax location features a Chihuahua Bar with pictures of local “celebrity” dogs, palm trees built from discarded metal, and a ceiling decorated with hubcaps. Northern Virginia is set to experience new Chuy’s locations and the quirky character they instill into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Fresh Ingredients

Chuy’s promises customers only the tastiest food in the Tex-Mex market. Their salsa is made once an hour, the sauces are created every morning, and every tortilla is rolled in front of guests.

The restaurant chain prides itself on authentic food with fresh ingredients and menu samples from New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. For instance, their signature Green Chile recipe hails from Expanola, NM, their Tomatillo sauce from Donna, TX, and fajita recipes are modified from favorite formulas of Boca Chica Beach. Their head chefs frequent locations where their vegetables are harvested to learn the process of creating a plate, all the way from the field to the customers’ plates.

Food and Drink

At Chuy’s, eccentricity meets prime food service. Chuy’s offers a nacho car, which is a nacho spread inside an open car trunk. Imagine salivating over a spread of twenty different ways to eat nachos in an open car trunk. The nacho car is free during special events and happy hours to supplement their reasonably-priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you’re looking for a signature Tex-Mex drink, Chuy’s has a margarita selection that will put most other Mexican restaurants to shame. The traditional options are available, but they also have their own mixes created in-house. Try the Texas Martini or Grandma’s Rockin’ Rita with your meal.

The chefs at Chuy’s design their food proportions to be large, filling, and delectable. Chickens are cooked within the kitchen and their savory meat is pulled for each plate. The “Big As Yo’ Face Burrito” has enough food to make a couple of meals with the leftovers. Chuy’s works hard to ensure that many of their meals are healthy, instead of loading up dishes with oil, fattening foods, and frozen ingredients.

Try some of these signature dishes:

Tortilla Soup. A favorite dish at Chuy’s, this soup has hand-pulled, homemade broth combined with roasted chicken, corn, acovado, cheese, green chiles, tomatoes, cilantro, and tortilla strips.

Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom. Hand-pulled chicken is topped with green onions, tomatillos, fresh green chiles picked from New Mexico, cheese, Boom-Boom sauce, and lime juice.

Steak Burrito. This handmade, foot-long tortilla is filled with steak and cheese, and topped with a hot green chile sauce.

Chuychanga. A fresh tortilla is filled with hand-pulled chicken and stuffed with cheese, cilantro, sour cream, green chiles, and a sauce of your choice.

Chuy’s Special. This dish features blue corn tortillas and generous portions of roasted chicken, Tomatillo sauce, and cheese, and is covered in sour cream.

To see more of Chuy’s menu, please visit their website.