NOVA’s Local Business Boom

NOVA’s Local Business Boom

The biggest rule of setting up a business and real estate investment is location, location, location. Perhaps no region knows this better than Northern Virginia, which has experienced a boom in housing and business during recent years. Eagle Bank President Ronald D. Paul predicts that northern Virginia will “continue to lead an economic recovery and lifestyle renaissance that is among the brightest in the state.” One of the reasons northern Virginia is experiencing such a boon is the upstart of so many new businesses.

New Business brings New People and New Ideas

Cities and suburbs thrive when young people want to stay in them, and northern Virginia capitalizes on that. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Northern Virginia allows for a creative shopping experience. For instance, Charming Charlie, a fashion accessory boutique, offers trending pieces that update any outfit. What sets this boutique apart is how these accessories are arranged, cleverly, by color, making the hunt for a perfect scarf or necklace to match your outfit much easier.

The local scene in northern Virginia is also thriving. Lansdowne boasts a unique coffee and tea bar, BrewLoCo. This cool new store, which opened this year, sells home brewing supplies so that you can make that delicious coffee and tea in your own kitchen. What makes this spot particularly one of a kind, however, is the specialty craft beer that is also available for carry out.

Entertainment for the Family

The New Jumbo Jungle laser tag center near Dulles attracts “children, teens, and young adults” throughout Northern Virginia who want to stay active, but have fun at the same time. Similarly, King Pinz King, a new kind of bowling alley in Leesburg, gives families a fun daytime activity and is great place for a birthday party. What makes this place unique is how it transforms: by day, a family friendly bowling alley, but by night it becomes a sports bar and grill.

In addition to active play, there is plenty to see and explore. The area maintains a diverse and up and coming art community, as evidenced by the new art studio, LoCo Art Studios. Located at the shops in Dodona, the art here ranges from paintings and sculptures to jewelry. The studio is open to the public Wednesday through Friday and is the perfect spot to find a unique piece of art.

Stay Healthy and Have Fun

For a serious workout, consider the new gym, [solidcore], which emphasizes low impact exercise, but toned muscles and a tight core as a result. Also, cross-Fit Gyms have expanded their enterprises to northern Virginia suburbs, attracting fitness enthusiasts ready for a challenge.

Businesses that encourage health and healthful eating are making the most of positive lifestyle changes. To serve health-conscious residents, organic markets like MOM’s have planted flagship stores in suburban and rural locations, including Alexandria, Hendon, and the newly opened Mosaic District. Their fresh food area, called Naked Lunch, offers fresh and helpful entrees as well as fresh raw juices.