Heritage on the Crooked Road

Heritage on the Crooked Road

The origins of modern bluegrass music can be traced back to musicians who resided in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Communities along the Crooked Road Heritage Trail, a 330-mile long driving trail that snakes through Southwestern Virginia, keep this rich musical tradition alive today.

There are festivals all throughout Southwestern Virginia where communities come together to perform in a broad variety of musical traditions. Whether planning a weekend excursion or a longer vacation, there is always an incredible amount to do and see along the Crooked Road.

Live Music Every Week

Towns in Virginia, like Floyd, hold informal jam sessions and organized dancing competitions at places like the Floyd Country Store. Every week, members of the community gather inside and around the store to play, sing, and dance.

Planning a trip around the timing of these sessions is easy with the Crooked Road Heritage Foundation’s helpful trip planner. This helps families trying to explore the area by informing them of events that correspond with the timing of their trip.

Support Southwestern Virginia

Southwestern Virginia has fallen on hard times in the last several decades, and the Crooked Road Heritage Foundation strives to bring economic development to the region by educating the public about the arts traditions in this historic region. This keeps the beautiful traditions alive for future generations and brings much needed income to the region.

Tourism has brought jobs and some economic stimulus in an area hard hit by the recession. By planning a vacation in this region, families from around the Commonwealth can support musicians and their communities.

Connect with the Past and Each Other

A vacation in Southwestern Virginia offers a unique experience that can be educational and enjoyable. Learn about the history of gospel music, or the significance of the local coal industry, and get into the music by dancing some jigs.

There are plenty of camping grounds, hotels, and bed and breakfasts along the Crooked Road. With a broad array of lodging options, families with a variety of tastes and budgets can find the perfect getaway.

There is truly something for everyone along the Crooked Road, because it ties together so much of the rich tapestry of Virginia’s history. Many people choose to explore this region in order to feel more connected to their community, and those who have lived before them.

When families take a trip down the Crooked Road they have an opportunity to take part in activities they enjoy and share their interests with one another. The region’s sense of community is contagious and can help family members feel closer to each other.

Take a Trip Down the Crooked Road

There are many events coming up in this region that are fun for people of all ages and interests. Even in the winter, the Crooked Road offers a wide variety of cultural events.